FaceTime On Android

With FaceTime Apple owners have a free VoIP app, which allows via front camera video calls on your smartphone (from iPhone 4), iPad, or (from iPad 2) and iPod Touch perform (4th generation). If you switch from Apple to an Android device, arises therefore when setting often the question whether there is also FaceTime for Android.

facetime for android

If one looks at the Google Play Store to FaceTime for Android, you get only the Apps “FaceTime Plus Trendy” and “Face Time Clock Widget” as a result. However, both are apps that have absolutely nothing with FaceTime except the name on the hat.

FaceTime for Android: The alternatives

Even if it is not FaceTime for Android out there, so there are plenty of alternatives that do not need to hide from the functions of video calling app. Most of the presented Apps operate even across platforms, so that you can make calls between Android and Apple devices back and forth easily. An optimal FaceTime alternative for Android is Skype. Skype is already on the PC one of meistverwendetsten applications ever and also enjoys great popularity on mobile devices. With Skype for Android you can cross between PC, Apple, Android, Windows Phone etc. calls and works both in wireless, as well as in the mobile radio network.

For Skype as FaceTime alternative on Android devices in particular speaks the great proliferation of Skype, so you should find many of your friends and acquaintances here. Skype allows you to communicate with a single person via video chat or conduct a group chat with several people . Both the application and the video calling via Skype are free. Merely for additional functions, such as group chat, you must reach into the wallet.

Google Hangouts

Of course, Google sends for the Android operating system also has its own representative in the race as FaceTime replacement. Google Hangouts can you also on Android devices, as well as use on desktop computers. With a variety of purchase smartphones Google Hangouts is preinstalled (and can without root often not be deleted …). Unlike FaceTime Google Hangouts works not only on a platform, namely Android, but also provides iPhone and iPad users access to video telephony. In addition, calls can be made ​​with Google Hangouts and outside of a Wi-Fi network on. As the video platform YouTube also uses Google Hangouts on a direct link to Google+. A corresponding account is provided accordingly.

FaceTime alternatives for Android Viber

Another FaceTime for Android alternative is Viber . Also this chat tool is available for free in the Google Play Store. Besides being able to communicate via instant messaging in text form with your friends can you mitViber in conjunction with a front camera phone also via video chat.

After ordering a Viber accounts you can in a data network with the chat started. However Viber accounts are not yet widespread, so this app particularly with regard to the number of users has a disadvantage compared to Skype and Google Hangouts. In addition, the focus of Viber is on smartphones. A use on tablets is therefore not possible.

The tools mentioned here are for many users now also a welcome alternative WhatsApp after last rumors of a deficient repeatedly WhatsApp security was. Also learn that FaceTime alternatives for Windows suck.