Facetime For PC

Want to use Facetime, but don’t have an apple device? Do you want to Facetime all of your friends from your laptop or pc? Well now you can..

We have created an app that will let you connect to Facetime and let you talk with your friends via your pc/laptop and webcam.


How does it work?

Its simple. We have coded the app to emulate an iOS device and it runs the official Facetime app. We have managed to emulate ONLY the Facetime app and no other iOS apps, to keep the filesize down, and also keep down any memory usage.

How much does the Facetime PC app cost?

Nothing… It’s free

Minimum Requirements

The minimum requirements for the facetime pc app are as follows:

– Windows xp/vista/7/8

– CPU: Single core 1Ghz

– RAM: 2GB+

– Webcam

– Headset/Microphone


To download the Facetime for windows app, just click the download button below:

facetime for pc


 Important News

 Convenient to make small videoconferencing sessions without breaking head between Apple devices, FaceTime could soon gain new features. Apple Insider has noted that a patent was recently granted to the Cupertino company. Aware that ” information sharing has become, in many ways, a way to keep in touch with friends, family or colleagues ” , Apple describes a method by which two mobile users can share and interact with the application data in real time. This sharing feature also extends to what is displayed on the screen. All data transiteraient via a common application, it could be both written materials pictures or videos, read continuously.

The aim is to ensure that data sharing is done in a more intuitive and fluid than by mail, all obviously being accompanied by a discussion, says the patent.
In it, a user initiates a session and establishes a wireless connection with at least one other device. If the user interface is not described in the document, reference is made to data that can be imposed on a FaceTime-flow. The reverse is also expected, thus, the person might appear in a thumbnail while the rest of the screen is allocated to shared information. The patent states that the same video stream temporarily serve as wallpaper to the device, leaving access to icons of different applications installed.

We will be updating our app soon to accommodate for the changes

Notice: Facetime-forpc.com is in no way partnered with Apple and is not an official Apple release. The Facetime app is for education use only.